Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Find Qibla Direction


Note : 
• For Accurate direction keep the device flat and parallel to the earth.
• The device should also be kept at a distance from electromagnetic fields and ferrous metal objects for accurate pointing.

Find Qibla Direction is a Qibla app that helps the user find the direction of Qibla from anywhere in the world. With this app, the user can locate Qibla direction and say prayers in that direction. Besides this general function, the other prominent features of the app are as under:

• Find Qibla anytime no matter which part of the globe are you in.
• The app tells the distance of the user from Qibla.
• The direction of Qibla is also displayed in degrees on the screen.
• Multiple dials available for selection that add to the aesthetic appeal of the application.
• The GPS in the app detects the location of the user and gives Salat timing for that region in the Salat Tab.
• User can also manually enter the destination to find out the Salat timings for that region.
With Find Qibla Direction, you don’t need to worry about finding the direction of Qibla when you are at a new place or if you move frequently. With this app you can offer all the five prayers on time and in the right direction.

Find Qibla direction
Qibla compass
Qibla locator
Islamic compass
Qibla finder
Prayer timing
Kibla Direction

Size : 7.7MB
Current Version : 2.1
Requires Android : 2.3 and up

My Name lockscreen


My name Lockscreen. Now you can write your name and your photo on Your lock screen. Customize your locker with this My name lock screen with your photo. Now My name Lockscreen is with Fireflies lockscreen.

A beautiful lock screen with my photo & my name live wallpaper theme for your lock screen.
* Small in size
* Lock screen Includes-
- digital clock(Day,Date,Month)
- Battery Percentage
- WiFi status.
- network provider name.
- my name.
- my photo
- Fireflies lockscreen
* Load images from the gallery, Camera.
* Option to edit your name.
* Add Border to Your Photos with different color.
* Arrange your Photo in a Square,Rectangle,Circle and many more shape.
* your photo will be appear and disappear on lock Screen.
* option to Enable/Disable sound.
* Hd awesome multiple backgrounds like as Mushroom,open sky,firefly etc.

Size : 2.4MB
Current Version : 1.0.2
Requires Android : 2.3 and up

Monday, September 8, 2014

All Nokia Mobiles flash files free download

Nokia 100 to 9500 Link
Nokia Asha Link
Nokia C Series Link
Nokia E Series Link
Nokia Lumia Link
Nokia N Series Link
Nokia X Series Link

Nokia C series Flash Files

Nokia C1-01 1 RM-608 V06.20
Nokia C1-01 RM-607 V06.20
Nokia C1-02 RM-643 V06.20
Nokia C1-02i RM-907 V04.12
Nokia C2-00 RM-704 V03.99
Nokia C2-01 RM-721 V11.40
Nokia C2-02.1 RM-693 V07.66
Nokia C2-02 RM-692 V07.66
Nokia C2-03 RM-702 V7.65
Nokia C2-05 RM-724 V08.92
Nokia C2-05 RM-725 V08.87
Nokia C2-06 RM-702 V7.65
Nokia C2-07 RM-692 V07.66
Nokia C2-08 RM-702 V7.65
Nokia C3-00 RM-614 V08.71
Nokia C3-01 RM-640 V07.51
Nokia C3-01 RM-776 V07.58
Nokia C5 RM-688 V075.001
Nokia C5-00 5MP RM-745 V102.002
Nokia C5-00 RM-645 v071.005
Nokia C5-00 RM-688 v075.001
Nokia C5-03.2 RM-719 V23.1.015
Nokia C5-03 RM-697 V23.0.015
Nokia C5-03 RM-744 V101.003
Nokia C5-04 RM-720 V10.1.031
Nokia C5-05 RM-815 V23.5.015
Nokia C6-00.1 RM-624 V42.2.004
Nokia C6-00 RM-612 V42.0.004
Nokia C6-01 RM-601 V025.008
Nokia C6-01 RM-601 V111.040.1511
Nokia C6-01 RM-718 V025.007
Nokia C6-01 RM-718 V111.040.1511
Nokia C7-00 RM-675 V025.007
Nokia C7-00 RM-675 V111.040.1514
Nokia C7-00 RM-691 V024.002

Nokia Asha Flash Files

Nokia Asha 503 RM-959 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 200 RM-761 v12.04
Nokia Asha 201 RM-799 v11.95
Nokia Asha 201 RM-800 v11.95
Nokia Asha 202 RM-834 v20.52
Nokia Asha 203 RM-832 v20.52
Nokia Asha 205 RM-862 v04.71
Nokia Asha 205 RM-863 v04.71
Nokia Asha 205 RM-864 v04.71
Nokia Asha 210 RM-924 v06.09
Nokia Asha 210 RM-925 v06.09
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Nokia Asha 210 RM-928 v06.09
Nokia Asha 210 RM-929 v06.09
Nokia Asha 230 RM-986 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 230 RM-987 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 300 RM-781 v07.65
Nokia Asha 302 RM-813 v15.15
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Nokia Asha 303 RM-763 v14.87
Nokia Asha 305 RM-766 v07.42
Nokia Asha 306 RM-767 v07.42
Nokia Asha 306 RM-768 v07.42
Nokia Asha 308 RM-838 v08.13
Nokia Asha 308 RM-852 v08.13
Nokia Asha 309 RM-843 v08.22
Nokia Asha 310 RM-911 v08.13
Nokia Asha 311 RM-714 v07.37
Nokia Asha 500 RM-934 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 500 RM-972 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 500 RM-973 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 501 RM-899 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 501 RM-900 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 501 RM-902 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 501 RM-951 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 502 RM-921 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 503 RM-920 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 503 RM-922 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 503 RM-947 v14.0.5
Nokia Asha 503 RM-958 v14.0.5