Hide SMS – private text vault - Android Apps

Privacy of your messages . Free! Brought to you by KeepSafe. More than 3 million people trust our image for the privacy of the application!

Hide SMS is easy to use and maintain the talks believer. Select the messages you want to hide and will KeepSafe lock them behind the panel PIN. Use Hide text to lock your private messages . KeepSafe puts you in control over who sees what in your phone.

KeepSafe such as the vault to lock text messages. Finally, you can have private messaging and text messages .This SMS application is the best concealer to hide text messages. It's simple, easy and beautiful . It works perfectly .Incoming messages for talks hidden go straight to KeepSafe. The There is no pop - up window or any notice of annoying , just a secret message in the status bar .

We are currently hide text , calls will come in later. Hide text messaging is the most requested feature by our users . This SMS Treasury believes your text messages by placing the talks in the vault .Users say : " Finley is a good way to hide my text ." "A lock text is great. "

KeepSafe have the best features to protect the privacy of your messages :* Hide SMS talks* New messages go directly to the KeepSafe* Re KeepSafe* Unlimited use* Unlimited spaceSize : 2.0MCurrent Version : 1.4Requires Android : 2.3 and up

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Camera MX - Android Apps

Get creative with the camera - a combination of effects and photo frames living in camera. Better improve and modify your photos and share with friends on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Add something extra to your photos by offering them in animated slideshows with your favorite music .

Camera MX is free. You can open the package effect that gives you more creative possibilities only 0.99 $ ( £ 0.79 ) : stunning effects (HDR, TiltShift and small planet ) , and overlay frames and awesome job to cut your video clips and keep only the best parts.

What the press has to say :androidcentral.com (03/02/2012)

"The ability to add real-time effects to the pictures as you're about to take them would be amazing , and that is where MAGIX Camera MX steps up to the table in a big way . "Camera MX CAN ...

Take pictures and video : 

+ More than 20 customizable real photo effects : vintage and Mo , Color Splash , pop art, black and white , dark brown , etc. 
+ Combined effects picture , look and borders while taking pictures 
+ Take cool videos of any length 
+ Capture stunning pictures of yourself using the self - timer for the front and rear camera 
+ Do not miss the awesome shots thanks to the rapid activation codePhoto and video editing 
+ A full photo studio : image editing with auto optimization , brightness, contrast, saturation , rotation, white balance , etc. 
+ Present your photos as a slide show animation complete with background musicOrganize and share
+ Share your edited images on Facebook , Flickr and Twitter 
+ Display your photos on maps using GPS data+ Complete overview of Pictures and Albums 

Compatible Android 2.2 Froyo andFollowing the available languages ​​: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Turkish

Size : 13MCurrent Version : 2.1.9Requires Android : 2.2 and up

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Dua in Quran - Android Apps

Dua In Quran, “There must be a reason why Allah puts these duas in the Quran, not the other duas”
Collection of dua (Arabic of “prayer”) from the Holy Quran. We collect and select them by reviewing the Quran page by page, make sure there is no beautiful dua left. These 52 dua is very good to be your daily zikr.

  • Index: browse the collection with ease
  • Romabic: alphabetic spelling of the Arabic
  • Translations: currently available in Bahasa and English
  • [1.1] Share to facebook, twitter, email, etc
  • [1.2] Custom text size
We plan many more in the updates. Stay tune..!
Size : 632k
Current Version ; 1.4
Requires Android ; 2.1 and up

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Wifi Inspector - Android Apps

Do you want to know if someone is connected to your wireless network without your permission ? Connection is slow and you suspect that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi ? Are you afraid that the neighbor may have access to your personal data ?

Wi-Fi Inspector is a simple tool to see all the devices connected to the network we have ( both wired and wireless , whether consoles , TVs , computers , tablets , phones, etc ...), and give relevant data such as your IP, manufacturer, device name and MacAddress.

Wi-Fi Inspector also allows to save a list of known devices and find the hackers in less than 30 seconds. This makes it easier for us, and you will not need to go check the data whenever we conduct the examination.

All of this in the design of simple and clear is that it allows us to see that our personal data is safe in a few seconds .

No doubt, Wi-Fi Ispector always find all the devices connected !Languages- Spanish- English- Italian

For the best experience , we recommend Android 4.0 or moreWe are investigating isolated cases where the loss of a Wi - Fi connection during the survey and does not show all the devices. If this is your case, or have any other problem , please, before punishing us with 1 star , grateful for the e-mail us . And we continue to improve the Wi-Fi Inspector .Size : 1.6MCurrent Version : 2.0.5Requires Android ; 2.3 and above

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Italian Translator - Android Apps

English Italian and Italian English Translator and Dictionary

  • The simple and intuitive interface
  • Translate sentences and words
  • Reads aloud after translation
  • Voice recognition
  • Send as SMS or e-mail (sign of a translation Active)

Required access Internet.
Please email me if something does not work as you expect or find any other problem or want to improve things.

Current Version: 1.4
Requires Android: 1.6 and up

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Weather Pro Free - Android Apps

Most Downloaded weather programs .

Totally free.Weather by Studio Dave fast your Android phone !  

Weather station for your Android phone by Studio Dave fast! 

Through access to the largest network of professional weather in the United States and tens of thousands of locations around the world, " Weather Pro " at any time and in any place , and can get the most accurate weather information .You can easily add the city 's weather widget to the desktop, giving you quick access to the latest weather information at any time.The program uses the form of pictures to show the weather conditions , and gorgeous user interface make data become dull lively and friendly. 


Forecast for 5 days 
- Current Weather 
- Plot the main screen ( not possible if they are installed on the SD card ! ) 
- Powerful search + GPS positioning 
- Default visual experience , as well as smooth and impressive animation effects 
- Can reach tens of thousands of cities and regions all over the world Weather 
- Has already been keeping quick access city 
- The display can now temporarily Weather 
- Through e-mail , Gmail,  Facebook, Flickr, and the exchange of weather information to friends. 

Plot alert :Widgets only work if the application is installed on the internal storage unit . If the application is on an external storage such as SD card , and disappears piece. After the restart at the latest.

Size : 2.4M 

Current Version : 1.6.2 
Requires Android : 2.1 and up

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Volume Booster - Android Apps

Booster size gives you the best and easiest way to take control of all your volumes of your phone devices Audio:

  • Batch fast with one click of a button.
  • Quick configuration on the size of the ring, notification, voice calls, the media, and warning system.
  • Switch to silent or vibration mode with the touch of just one.
  • Save the settings and adjust the amounts automatically when you turn on your phone.
  • Save the settings with or without a headset and adjust the volume when your headset is plug in or withdrawal.

Size: 929k
Current Version: 5.1.00
Requires Android: 2.2 and up

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dodol File Explorer - Android Apps

Dodol File Explorer can manage any files in Android. Windows Explorer like folder tree design gives you a comfortable file browsing.
He had a basic file management tasks such as copy, paste, cut, and send, and extract the compressed file. You can also access the internal memory, an external storage card and also the root directory.
Moreover, you can easily access frequently used folders with your favorite menus.

  • Windows Explorer like tree folder browsing
  • Multiple file selection 
  •  Search APK files 
  •  Customizable favorite folder 
  •  Full file search 
  •  Access root, external SD card, and internal memory 

If you experience any difficulties to use this app, please use menu button to send feedback email to developer. We will always do our best to provide better application for you.

Size : 1.3M
Current Version : 1.23
Requires Android : 2.2 and up

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Power Bubble - Android Apps

PowerBubble is bubble level you have been looking for . Just take a look at it! It's beautiful , functional and easy to use - an indispensable tool in all smartphones. It uses the accelerometer to help you test ( almost ) any object plumb / level .

Free application .

Please rate us ! Your feedback is very important .

Features PowerBubble

  • Slick graphics ,
  • Nice physics ,
  • LCD display shows the digital angle with or without decimals ,
  • Ease of use ( tips are displayed on the LCD ) ,
  • Independent calibration for all four sides of the phone,
  • Lock Angle with a gesture or a click ,
  • Full - screen mode ,
  • Provide direction ( horizontal , vertical on each machine and reverse the scene, reverse image on 2.3 + )
  • Sound effects - 0 ° angle notification with gentle whistling ,
  • Ads that can be disabled in the free version (you choose if you want to support us ),
  • Installation on SD.


If you like this application please consider donating through the Android Marketplace or PayPal. It will help us to make a living and will be a nice indication that you want to work for us.We want to here from you !

Mission boy - Koi forWe believe that Android community deserves better . We are committed to create the highest quality mobile apps man can imagine !

Learn restrictions.

Some phones have accelerometer is very accurate . If you feel that showing decimals is unnecessary you can determine the measurements to integers from application settings .


We put a lot of effort to provide you with the best possible experience for the user. However , errors occur. Do not hesitate to report any bugs you may notice . We will be happy to hear from you.Last.

Application uses Internet connection to anonymous usage statistics (can be turned off).
Current Version : 1.0.8Size : 3.4M

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Open Garden - Android Apps

Open garden share Internet connections between laptops , tablets and phones. You do not have root access.

  • Share your mobile Internet for free with your Android tablet or laptop.
  • Access to more Wi-Fi hotspots through other phones , tablets and laptops running open garden.
  • Stay connected to the Internet automatically whenever the tablet does not have a laptop or access to Wi-Fi.
  • Expand existing networks by connecting multiple devices together.
  • Internet faster and more reliable through crowdsourcing contact from nearby devices running open garden.

Open garden Bluetooth and requires to be installed on all devices , such as your Android phone , tablet or laptop. Once installed devices will connect automatically. And supports Wi -Fi Direct where available .Can your laptop or Tablet PC Android now have access to the Internet via mobile phone coming from anywhere do not have Wi-Fi. No buttons to press and not for the composition, everything is done automatically once the application is installed on all devices.

When more devices running open in the park nearby , and are linked automatically to create a network peer - to - peer network .

To detect nearby peers , we use location services . Includes a GPS , if there is not another site service is available and performance.

It can also begin contacts manually using NFC - just to take advantage of the hardware together !Application open garden is completely free. Address the use of garden open under the same phone data plan you have , and there is no need to link plan .

Open garden works like a mobile hotspot and provides you with the same benefits of connectivity applications .

It is similar to the net PDA or EasyTether But do not require the use of a USB cable . Works without root like FoxFi, but does not limit your use if you do not pay . Contrary to Wi-Fi or cord Goose did not need to root access.

Open garden is a wireless networking application , which also turned any of your devices to a portable hotspot .

When installed on a laptop computer and your Android phone , you can open garden use programs such as Skype, Dropbox and any mail client or browser on your laptop. Access to the Internet while on the move as if you were at home!
Size ; 2.4MCurrent Version : 2.5.3Requires Android : 2.0.1 and above

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